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· 'Times they are a changing' according to Bob Dylan's song. And so it is.... The roles of men and women are changing right before our eyes. The expectations of marriage began to change drastically in the 1960 with the advent of equal rights and women's liberation. Regardless how you feel about women's liberation, it has and continues to make a positive impact for women. The traditional roles of the male strong head of household and supportive female began changing too. Women took careers (not just jobs), entered politics, started businesses. Women have changed their view about relationships too. Okay no everyone has changed but many men and women now have what they call "a partnership" or a "50/50 relationship" where instead of men being the boss, the couple makes decisions together. That change further became extended with men taking a supportive role traditionally assumed by women. This was first reported as "the stay at home dad," but it is not limited to that. So times they are a changing just as Dylan said.

What is a Female Led Marriage

· Simply put - a marriage where a woman leads her household and man. In female-led marriages the wife take control a head of household (HoH). In M. Lyman Hill's book "The 5 Food Groups," Hill describes the 5 areas of decision making couples normally engage in and how they are controlled. These 5 decision areas are the nature of how couples divide both authority and control in their partnership. People seem to get upset at the idea of control and authority, but control is just another word for manage and authority is just another word for control; and everyone has to manage their lives. These 5 areas of decision making are how partners decide the balance of power between them.

· In the past, in traditional male dominated relationships, men had the balance of power, but in wife-led marriage, women do. Female-led marriage is where the wife makes decisions for her man and family in a balanced approach that both the husband and wife have agreed upon as a lifestyle. Female-Led Marriage is a relationship designed by the couple to meet their needs and desires.

· In Female Led Marriage, the man of the house is both in favor and willing to take a supportive role to his wife. It is both a way of life and a way of making decisions. I think we all know that not every guy was created to lead or even with training will make a good leader; but many women are great leaders with and without training. So female led-marriages are about how decision get made, the authority to make decisions and who has the final word in decisions.

Why Choose a Female Led Marriage

· Times are changing, women can out earn men. Some women hold high power careers that benefit from a man who is supportive of her career and leadership; but the most important principal is she may be the better leader. Couples decide to live in a wife led marriage for many reasons. To streamline decision making, to empower the women to make decisions, to bring about predictability and order, to create a female led relationship, or to solve issues the couple is having. Any couple may choose wife-led marriage because she is a better leader or because the husband does not want to lead.

Head of Household - Female Led Marriage

· The dynamics of the home are changing too. There are an increasing number of female head of household both because of the seeming temporary nature of relationships (divorce) and because women choose to lead. Men entering into a home where a women has led for some time may actually be disruptive to family processes. Many women don't really know they have an option to lead because their communication as a couple is poor - what we mean is: couples have a hard time talking about leadership. Another dynamic is men are asking for it, most women don't know what to make of their men asking for them to lead. Women make great leaders and head of household HoH.

FLR and Female Led Marriage

· Female led relationships (FLR) are about 60% between married couples according to aboutFLR.com's survey of thousands of people in women-led relationships. Female led relationships are those relationships where women lead men who want to be led by them. There is a difference beyond the role reversal or supportive role of men. That difference is up to the couple to decide but most men that want FLR or wife-led marriage because they feel a need for personal control.

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· This site exists to explore and document Female Led Marriage. The internet is filled with controversial and jaded content written to promote fetish and porn. This site takes a practical, matter of fact approach to a subject we find beautiful. Men and women differ on the definition and details of Female Led Marriage but it exists, is growing in popularity, and is a diverse topic.